Global Pollution Map

This is a site for policymakers and the public alike to find, understand, and interpret data about the pollution crisis affecting us all. 

SOURCE: Global Alliance on Health and Pollution

Global Groundwater Information System

This is an interactive, web-based portal to groundwater-related information and knowledge.

SOURCE: International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre



This is a repository of water quality data of ground and surface waters.

SOURCE: UN Environment.

GEMI Solutions

This is a repository of solutions-based tools provided by GEMI, an organization of leading companies dedicated to fostering global environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability excellence through the sharing of tools and information to help businesses achieve environmental sustainability excellence.

SOURCE: Global Environmental Management Initiative

Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines

This is a page on The International Finance Corporation’s website that contains the most updated versions of the World Bank Group Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines (known as the “EHS Guidelines.”) Source: The International Finance Corporation: World Bank Group

SOURCE: International Finance Corporation

Environmental Democracy Index

This is a map that tracks the state of national laws protecting transparency, participation, and justice in environmental decision-making.

SOURCE: The World Resources Institute

Current Technologies for Biological Treatment of Textile Wastewater

This is a paper that was written in 2012. It provides a critical review on the current technology available for decolorization and degradation of textile wastewater and also suggests effective and economically attractive alternatives. 

SOURCE: Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Current Status of Textile Industry Wastewater Management and Research progress in Malaysia

This is a paper that was written in 2013. It reviews the current scenario with respect to textile industry effluent in Malaysia and technologies available for the treatment of the effluent. 

SOURCE: CLEAN – Soil Air Water

Clean by Design Report

This is a report written by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in 2015. It discusses NRDC’s green supply chain program in China. It provides ten best practices for textile mills and case studies applying these practices. NRDC launched its Clean by Design initiative in 2009 as an innovative “green supply chain” program to leverage the purchasing power of multinational corporations to reduce the environmental impacts of factories in their suppliers abroad. Working with a number of prominent global apparel retailers and brands, we have focused this program first in the textile industry in China, notorious for its energy and water intensity and pollution load

SOURCE: National Resource Defense Council

China – Discharge Standards of Water Pollutants for Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Industry

This is an article that was written in 2012. It discusses the challenges that remain despite wastewater standards keeping pace with water pollution development and technological advances. Source: SGS, an inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.