Better Plants

This is a website for an Initiative of the US Department of Energy: Better Buildings. Better Buildings is designed to improve the lives of the American people by driving leadership in energy innovation. Through Better Buildings, DOE partners with leaders in the public and private sectors to make the nation’s homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants more energy efficient by accelerating investment and sharing of successful best practices.

SOURCE: US Department of Energy

A Critical review on textile waste water treatments: Possible approaches

This is an academic journal article from 2016 that presents different treatment methods to treat textile wastewater along with the cost per unit volume of treated water. Treatment methods discussed in this paper involve oxidation methods (cavitation, photocatalytic oxidation, ozone, H2O2, fentons process), physical methods (adsorption and filtration), biological methods (fungi, algae, bacteria, microbial fuel cell). This article also recommends the possible remedial measures to treat different types of effluent generated from each textile operation. 

SOURCE: Elsevier