Sustainable Textile Solutions

This is a website for Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS). The STS programs comprise three main components: consultancy, auditing, and capacity building. These are designed as bespoke programs to meet the individual requirements of each client.

SOURCE: Sustainable Textile Solutions, a Member of BluWin Ltd.

Alliance for Water Stewardship

This is a website for the Alliance for Water Stewardship, a global membership collaboration comprising businesses, NGOs, and the public sector. Their members contribute to the sustainability of local water resources through their adoption and promotion of a universal framework for the sustainable use of water – the International Water Stewardship Standard, or AWS Standard – that drives, recognizes, and rewards good water stewardship performance.

SOURCE: Alliance for Water Stewardship

Roadmap to Zero by ZDHC

This is a website for the Roadmap to Zero Programme, which is a global multi-stakeholder initiative of more than 160 contributors within the fashion and footwear industry. Its goal is to protect the planet by reducing the industry’s chemical footprint. Their solutions and guidelines transform how chemicals are used. Their community spreads knowledge and ideas throughout the world. ZDHC is a group of apparel and footwear brands and retailers working together to lead the industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.



This is a page on CDP’s website that talks about their work with water. CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. CDP’s work with water security motivates companies to disclose and reduce their environmental impacts by using the power of investors and customers.


The Higg Index

This is a website for The Higg Index, which is a suite of tools that enables brands, retailers, and facilities of all sizes — at every stage in their sustainability journey — to accurately measure and score a company or product’s sustainability performance.

SOURCE: Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Smart Water Grid Market Size Worth USD 10.27 Billion By 2025: Hexa Research

This is a news article that discusses the growth of the global smart water grid market.

SOURCE: PR. Newswire

GEMI Solutions

This is a repository of solutions-based tools provided by GEMI, an organization of leading companies dedicated to fostering global environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability excellence through the sharing of tools and information to help businesses achieve environmental sustainability excellence.

SOURCE: Global Environmental Management Initiative

Clean by Design Report

This is a report written by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in 2015. It discusses NRDC’s green supply chain program in China. It provides ten best practices for textile mills and case studies applying these practices. NRDC launched its Clean by Design initiative in 2009 as an innovative “green supply chain” program to leverage the purchasing power of multinational corporations to reduce the environmental impacts of factories in their suppliers abroad. Working with a number of prominent global apparel retailers and brands, we have focused this program first in the textile industry in China, notorious for its energy and water intensity and pollution load

SOURCE: National Resource Defense Council

CEO Water Mandate

This is a website for an Initiative of the United Nations Global Compact that mobilizes business leaders on water, sanitation, and the Sustainable Development Goals. The website provides resources and encourages organizations to drive sustainability and security with water stewardship by signing a commitment. This website has been favored by members of our internal task force. Source: UN Global Impact.

SOURCE: UN Global Impact