Industrial Wastewater Management

Source: Ministry of Environment

Explanation of North Korean effluent standards for industrial wastewater.

Global Recycled Standard

Source: Textile Exchange

An international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.

China – Discharge Standards of Water Pollutants for Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Industry

Source: SGS

Article that discusses the challenges that remain despite wastewater standards keeping pace with water pollution development and technological advances.

ASTM International

ASTM International offers global access to fully transparent standards development.

Agreement on Characteristics of Wastewater Discharged to a Receiving Body

Document in Spanish outlining the terms of the 2009 Salvadorian agreement regarding wastewater.

A Review of Environmental Policy and Legislation in Bangladesh

This paper provides a brief synopsis of the content and applicability of the environmental policies and legislation dealing with industrial pollution of water, soil, and air.

2016 Wastewater Guidelines

This document defines a single, unified expectation concerning wastewater discharge quality that goes beyond regulatory compliance, not only for conventional wastewater parameters, but also for hazardous chemicals.

SOURCE: Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Programme (ZDHC)