The Present State of Water Environment in Vietnam

This is a PowerPoint that contains surface and groundwater quality and recent activities of the Water Environmental Protection in Institute of Environmental Technology as of 2007.

SOURCE: Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)

Sustainable Textile Solutions

This is a website for Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS). The STS programs comprise three main components: consultancy, auditing, and capacity building. These are designed as bespoke programs to meet the individual requirements of each client.

SOURCE: Sustainable Textile Solutions, a Member of BluWin Ltd.

Academy by ZDHC

This is a training platform for sustainable chemical management & ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) tools for the textile, apparel, footwear, leather industry. ZDHC is a group of apparel and footwear brands and retailers working together to lead the industry towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.


Water Quality Management

This is an academic journal article from 2011 that overviews water availability, quality, and regulations in Egypt.

SOURCE: Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Program (METAP)


Water Pollution Map

This is an interactive, live feed map of Chinese manufacturing enterprises and their wastewater discharge.

SOURCE: Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE)

Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)

This is a website for the Water Environment Partnership (WEPA), an initiative proposed by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan in 2003 that became official in 2004. WEPA aims to improve the water environment in Asia by strengthening water environmental governance.

Water Environment and its management in Thailand

This is a PowerPoint that overviews the water pollution situation, management, and policy in Thailand as of 2012.

SOURCE: Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA)


Water & Wastewater Management in Nigeria

This is a page on Synergie Training’s website which describes that a four-day program that they offer that examines the specific water and wastewater challenges facing Nigeria and offers a detailed insight into appropriate technological solutions. Synergie Training is one of the leading IT, Construction, and Infrastructure Training Companies in the UK.

SOURCE: Synergie